BioGas heats up in Kenya as the fuel of choice for the poor grassroots community in Ndhiwa, Kenya.
Grassroots community in Ndhiwa are increasingly switching to biogas for cooking, as traditional fuels like kerosene and gas cylinders remain expensive despite the world oil price.
Since 2017, Plenty4All biofuel system has been a key source of cooking energy for the community of Ndhiwa, Kenya.
This saves the expense of buying fuel and firewood, while also preserving a significant number of trees and reduces carbon dioxide emissions from burning wood.
We used to bring firewood for weekly cooking at a cost of $2.6 per house, now we save more than $10.4 each month per house.
We categorically confessed that cooking with biogas had a number of advantages over firewood, not only saving money but is the fastest way for cooking in the poor grassroots level.
The majority of grassroots people who were born locally have also seen the negative consequences for the environment by using wood for fuel.
They say that the climate of today is different from some years back.
The community has been able to preserve two acres of its woodland, that without Plenty4All Biofuel project, would eventually have been harvested for fuel.
The community officially says that the trees not only absorb carbon dioxide, but they help create a cooler microclimate around the village.
The whole world is talking about climate change, but many people are just giving lip service.
I know in our small way we are helping to address the impact of climate change by saving the trees and using this clean energy source.
Plenty4All Biofuel System